for Ceramic Greenware and Bisque


for Porcelain, Pottery, Stoneware, Clay, etc.


Repairs - Add ons - Attaching flowers, ribbons, etc. Repairs broken pieces - Fixes hairline cracks - Attach greenware to greenware - Attach greenware to bisque - Removes hard spots

INSTRUCTIONS for using Magic Mender:

INSTRUCTIONS for using High- Fire Mender: HELPFUL HINTS: While the mender is still moist the joint will be fairly delicate, so be careful when cleaning the piece. These Memnders MUST be fired to become permanent. Keep jars tightly closed. These menders have a long shelf life and will not spoil! After firing, the repaired area is stronger than the rest of the piece. If you clean well before firing you'll never know the break was there.
How to fix:

HARD SPOTS: Apply a thin smooth coat of mender over the area.
BROKEN STILTS: Apply the mender and fire.
HAIRLINE CRACKS: Dip brush in the mender and in some water so you have a flowing consistency. Allow the mender to flow into the crack, let dry. If you need a second application do so, then clean the piece, paint and fire.

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