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** Standard kilns; FX & FTX models include kiln sitter with limit timer shut off, cress firemate speed and auto/manual control.
FX23 $1915.00
FX27 $2930.00
FTX27 $3050.00
FTX28 $3720.00

** M-series - simplest to operate kilns with standard automatic program or manual operation with push of a button as desired. Standard kiln versions include kiln sitter with limit timer shut off and cress firemate with auto/manual control.
FX911M (now 120 VAC 20 AMP cord) $1015.00

  Please call Marjon's for a quote on other cress kiln models. Prices are for 120 VAC, 220 VAC and 208 VAC 60 cycle standard power. Additional cost for other voltages ar three phase power may apply. Please specify complete electrical power specs when placing orders.

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